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Visage Pc Game

Visage Pc Game is a solo-player horror game with survival and fear elements, developed by SadSquare Studio. This is the pure replacement for the P.T. Visage game outlined on Kickstarter. The game gets placed in a large building where terrifying things happen. Players will hear previous episodes that scare them.

These Visage PS4 elements help the player understand the dark front of the house. They see everyone’s plight at home, and each disease has its perspective. Developed in January 2015 and released in September 2015 From January to March 2016, the game was supported by Kickstarter 7 The release is planned for 2018.

Much like the Allison Road video game, the game’s first relief is the soul mate of the disbanded Silent Hills Project. Also, Sadsquare Studios was influenced by many amazing games.

Main Storyline:

It is located in a large building where amazing things happen. The location is in a remote city in the 1980s. The house where people live has been standing for hundreds of years and the foundations will never be broken. Many families lived here. Many of them died ruthlessly, some lived peacefully in their beloved homes.

Moreover, The player reloads fragments of the village’s history, and each person gets closer to what is hidden behind the dark history of this place. The player gets a first-hand experience of people dying in a terrible building. She has an eye disease.

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Visage Pc takes place in a large building that hosts amazing horror performances. Players must look for part of the village’s history. As each episode reveals what’s behind the dark history of the place, revealing the “remains” of each death. Further, The game is divided into four parts. Currently, only two heads can work in the initial stage of installation.

Visage Download Pc Game players are the first to move around the building and can operate furniture and doors. And manage small resources such as clean water. And other light bulbs while exploring the home in search of the truth. Finding different types of locked doors and how to open them is an important part of your progress in the game. The building is also designed to be a state-of-the-art open world, allowing players to only explore large areas. Including areas that do not require face-to-face contact. The spirit controls certain aspects of the room while the player investigates a scheduled event or random event. Such as moving light bulbs, closing doors alone, shaking items, etc.

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Moreover, there are three ways to kill the game: kill the bad things scattered around the space. Kill the various ghosts and monsters living in the house, or lose your mind. Sanity, similar to slot machines like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, always sees the player’s supernatural enemy or event. And remains silent even if the player is in the dark for a long time. Also, The lower the mind of the Visage Torrent player, the more likely house spirits will be affected by random paranormal phenomena or evil spirits. Mental health can be restored by taking pills at home or sitting in a bright place. There are no medical signs in the game. So if a player is caught by a ghost they will die immediately. All in all, the central Visage Characters are three that are Martin Mcghee, Jean Sebastien, and one of the best Olivier.

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Features Of the Game:

  • Inadequacy is the root of all fear
    In Visage, Highly Compressed Pc Game Walk the corridors and check every building and every corner of the building for escape routes. Unknowingly, you will be tiptoeing and discovering the hustle and bustle of the house when you are about to die.
  • Play alone
    Furthermore, Fear is your worst enemy. The sad ones pay attention to him. Stay calm and avoid horror no matter the cost, otherwise, you will realize that distant screams from deep inside the house seem too far away.
  • Unforgettable stories
    Lots of terrible things happened to this building. Violence and violence characterize every neighborhood, telling sad stories from the past and revealing the truth behind the scenes. Further, The Visage Pc Download most disturbing thing is that you want to be associated with the families who died here years ago. But death won’t help you leave this bad place.

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Visage Pc System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,8 or 10
  • CPU (Procesor): Intel Core (I3) Or AMD Ryzen (3)
  • Also, the required Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce (GTX-950), AMD Radeon (R7-370)
  • Storage Capacity: 10 Gb at least
  • Free Memory Of Processor: 6 GB

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