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Prototype 2 For Pc Download Full Game

Prototype For Pc Download

Prototype 2 For Pc is an action and adventure-based game. The playing platform of Prototype is “Microsoft Windows” “PlayStation 4”, “Xbox One”‘Xbox 360”. The game developer arranges the game in an open-world realistic county town Manhattan. The game player’s objective is to stop the black magic light from spreading in Manhattan. If the Blacklight will spread all over. Then all humans will become monsters. Moreover, the developer provided the only single-player mode for the game.

The game player is independent to roam in Manhattan, in the game. Manhattan is divided into three main zones. Three zones are the Blue Zone, Red Zone, and Purple zone. The Prototype 2 Character Alex Mercer becoming conflict with the US army and the ‘Black Operation’ forces. Black Operation force formally known as a Black watch. The game gest many awards like “Most Wanted Game”, “Best Technology” and “Excellence in Art” and many others. Moreover, the game also nominated many other games like “Best Narrative”, “Best Soundtrack” and “Best RPG” etc. Further, the Prototype 2 Release Date is April 24, 2012.

Gameplay and Objects of Prototype 2 Pc Download

In the Prototype 2 Gameplay, the player controls the protagonist his name is Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer’s basic ability is that he can change his shapeshift. Allex has the ability to use others and absorbing them. With this process the Alex can recover his health, absorbing the biomass of his enemies. Furthermore, the game player can change Alex in a monster.

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The monster shape will be help full for the game player because the player knows his enemies’ activate, with this act. The game player can kill many enemies with only one punch. Alex has a large shield on his left arm which helps to protect him from blocking ballistic. The game player can control the army vehicles, like tanks and helicopters. Moreover, the player can use machine guns, grenade launchers, rifles, and many other weapons.

Prototype Torrent Full Game

Overview of Development of Prototype 2 Torrent Full Game

The Prototype 2 Download For Pc is created by a multinational game organizer company “Radical entertainment “. It is a North American game developer company. The company was founded in 1991. Furthermore, the company still working for 29 years and develops video games. The headquarter of the company is located in Vancouver, Canada.    “Radical entertainment ” designed many other games. Such as ” Prototype 2″, “Sandbox” etc.

The “Microsoft Windows”, “PlayStation 3”, and “Xbox 360” version of the game, released in 2009. “PlayStation 4” version of the game, released in Jun 2015. Moreover, the “Xbox One” version of the game, released in August 2015.
Further, the game published by the “Activision” game publishing company. “Activision” is an American game publishing company. The company founded in 1979. Further, the company still working for 41 years and also published video games. The headquarter of the company is in Santa Monica.

Overall Review About Prototype 2 Highly Compressed PC Game 2021

Metacritic games aggregate score website gives to this game 73/100 scores for its gaming platform Prototype 2 PS4. 72/100 to its gaming platform Prototype 2 Xbox One. And 79/100 scores for its gaming platform Pc. ‘GameSpot’ gaming review website gives to this game an 8.5/10 score for its gaming platform Pc. 8.5/10 scores to its gaming platform PS4. Further, the review website also gives an 8.4/100 score to its gaming platform Xbox One. An American game magazine and media website GamePro gives 4.5 stars to the game. Moreover, an American game and media website ‘IGN’ gives a 7.5/10 score to this game for gaming platform Pc.

After releasing in America 15 million copies of the game have been sold out in the first 3 months. Generally, people give a positive review of the game and like the gameplay. The game full fill the expectations of developers. Moreover, the game is also popular in North America, Canada Italy, Finland, Rome, France, and many other countries. The game also becomes tope listed games all over the world in a short duration. Further, that game is in the list of those games which people like and purchase and download.

Prototype Highly Compressed

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Prototype 2 Pc System Requirements To Run It
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo processor (1.8 GHz) / AMD Athlon (64-X2) 4000
  • Recommended RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP With (SP3) / Windows Vista
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce (7800 GT-256 MB)/ Further ATI Radeon (X-1800) 256 MB
  • Free HDD Space: Recommended 8 GB

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