Dirt Rally Logo and wallpaper

Dirt Rally 2.0 Pc Game Highly Compressed Download Free Here [2021]

Dirt Rally Pc Game Free Download

Dirt Rally Logo and wallpaper

Dirt Rally Pc Game is a real-world auto car racing game. Produced and designed through the “Codemasters” group of companies.  The game is the first part of the Dirt series. The game player can play the game on multiplayer mode and also the single-player mode. Every game runs on different platforms. And the Dirt Rally run on these platforms “Microsoft Windows”, “PlayStation 4”, “Xbox One”, “macOS”, “Linux”.

Like the former episodes, the game is also the same platform as the generation. The game got successful to get only one award. “Best Hill Racing Game”. Further, the game was also nominated for many awards like “Best Performance”, “Best Audio”, and “Best Game of the Year” etc.

The Gameplay of Dirt Rally Pc Download

In short words, the Dirt Rally Gameplay is like that. A player can select the car and set the location in which the player wants to play the rally. Select the driver and start the hill rally. The game developer provided 17 cars, 36 stages, and 3 main locations for the game player in the game. The length of the racing tracks is 4 to 16-kilo meters. That you can select from the given set of the game. The developer provided the Hill race, Circuit, Lankebbanen, and Holjesbanan.

The Dirt Rally Torrent player can select the driving. When the player raced in any location, the vehicle speed and map of the track are shown in a corner of the screen. Furthermore, when the player progressed in the game the player can unlock the FIA  championship in the game. The game player also unlocks different cars and drivers. In the game, players can participate in the tournament and play a quick match. The game player completes the different events on tarmac and off-road terrain in different weather conduction. In these locations, Monte Carlo, Powys, and Argolis the game player play the rally in multiplayer mode.

Dirt Rally Gameplay

Review About Dirt Rally Highly Compressed Pc Game

In 2015 the “Codemasters” game developer company published the game for “Microsoft Windows”. But after some months the developers release the latest version of the game. In the latest version, the player can play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The macOS, Linux version released in 2017.

The game published by “Codemasters”. Moreover, the “Codemasters” is also the developer of the game. Further, “Codemasters” is a British game developer company. The company founded in 1986. Moreover, the company has been working for 33 years and also develops videos.” Codemaster” is one of those companies that develop and publish games. The company also provided many famous such as the “Dizzy Series”, “F1 Series”, “Operation Flashpoint Series”, Colin McRae Rally Series. “TOCA Series”.

Dirt Rally 2.0 PS4 Trailer Watch Here:

Overall Review About Dirt Rally 2.0 Full Version Pc Game

The Dirt Rally PS4 is on the 5th number in the British’s sales chart, and 8th in the American’s sales chart. According to the review of the Metacritic Games aggregate score website that the game delivers fabulous image quality on Pc and PlayStation 4. Further, it gives it an 86/100 score for tits gaming platform pc, 85/100 scores for its platform PlayStation 4. And an 86/100 score to its gaming platform Xbox.

The GameSpot news site gives an 8/10 score to the game. An American video game and media website IGN gives 98.88/10 scores. Generally, people give a positive review of the game. According to the review, people like all the gameplay and all event of the game and also appreciate the fabulous image quality. The Game is a top list game in the Dirt series. Because the game had the best selling record in the Dirt series. After releasing the first week the 4.4 million copies have been sold out in the only UK. Further, 2.1 million copies had been sold out all over the world. Moreover, 7 million copies have been sold out in one month.

Dirt Rally Cars

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Dirt Rally Download For Pc System Requirements
  • Processor (CPU): AMD series or (FX-8150), Intel Core i5 (4670-K) or i3
  • Recommended Operation System: Windows 7, 8 OR 10 (64-BIT)
  • GPU: AMD (R9-290) OR Nvidia (GTX-780)
  • Video Card Suggested Sound Card: Direct-X  SC
  • Available Space Of Hard Drive: 50 GB
  • RAM: Minimum 4 GB to Maximum 8 GB

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