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Crazy Taxi Download Full Highly Compressed Pc Game

Crazy Taxi Pc Game Full Download

Crazy Taxi HD Wallpaper

Crazy Taxi For Pc is a score attack racing game. The game is the third episode of the crazy taxi series.  The gaming platforms of Crazy Taxi are “Microsoft Windows”, “PlayStation 2”, “GameCube”, “Arcade”, “Dreamcast”, ”Xbox 360”, “iOS”Andriod”, “PlayStation”, “Game Boy Advance”, and ”PlayStation Portable”. In this game, the game player controls the role of a taxi driver who must be delivering the passenger in a short duration. Also, the fastest time possible before the time runs out.

Moreover, accumulate the money. In the game, the developer provided the soundtrack and music from the Bands of Offspring. The game got successful to get many gaming awards like “Audience Award”, “Best Crazy Game”, and  “Game of the Year”, “Score of the Year”, and many others. Further, the game was also chosen for many prizes like “Best Indie Game”, “Game for Impact”, “Best Graphics”, etc.

Crazy Taxi Pc Gameplay & Main Objectives

Crazy Taxi Full Pc Game player controls taxi drivers in a fictional city and makes score attacks. The player needs to find the passenger and must reach the destination in the fastest time possible. Furthermore, the game player must complete his destination in the gameplay given time. The game player is indicated for the passengers who looking for rides. The passengers also rise the color to represent their distance. The colors are divided into different destinations. The red color shows the short trip, the yellow color shows intermediate distance And the green color for long-distance. The game player can see his location with the green arrow. And The HUD point help to guide the game player through the map.

During the journey the game player can use the special “Crazy stunt” with drifts, jumps, and near-misses, to earn extra money from the passenger. If the Crazy Taxi PS3 player reached the destination in time, the player received the bonus. Moreover, if the game player countdown strikes zero, the passenger exit the taxi without paying. In that case, the player is required for looking for another passenger.

Crazy Taxi Gameplay

The Development Info Of Crazy Taxi Highly Compressed Pc Game

The Crazy Taxi Torrent is created by a multinational game organizer company “Sega AM 3”. “Sega AM 3” is a Japanese game developer company. The company was founded in 1993. Further, the company working for 27 years and still develops video games. The headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.

Moreover, “Sega” is a famous Japanese game publishing company. The company was founded in 1960. Further, the company working for 60 years and still develops video games. The headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo. The initial Crazy Taxi Release Date Feb 1999. And also its latest release date is 2017.

Crazy Taxi Review

Crazy Taxi Pc Download is on the 6th num in the British sales chart and 3rd in the Japanese sales chart. According to the review of the Metacritic games aggregate score website that the game delivers fabulous image quality on Pc and PlayStation 4. Furthermore, it gives it 80/100 for its gaming platform PlayStation 2. 69/100 scores for its gaming platform GameCube, 86/100. The “GameSpot” news site gives 8/10 scores to the game. an American game and media website ‘IGN’ 8.5 scores to its gaming platform PlayStation 3.

The all publication website and magazine they say that the game the main aim is that the player must reach the destination in a given time. Its gameplay gives a short duration for completing the distance. This is enjoyable for the game player. However, after releasing in Japan 20 million copies of the game have been sold out in the first two months. Generally, people give a positive review of the game and like the Angel mode. The Crazy Taxi Download For Pc full fills the expectations of developers. Moreover, the game is popular in America, England, Finland, and many other countries.

Crazy Taxi Highly Compressed Pc Game

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Crazy Taxi Pc Game System Requirements To Run It
  • Processor (CPU):  Intel Pentium 4 (3.0 GHz) Or Intel core 2 Duo Processor (2 GHz)
  • RAM Of CPU: 2 Gb minimum
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP OS & Windows 7 OS
  • Graphics in Processor: Video Card (Direct-X 9.0)/ Nvidia Geforce (7300)/ ATI Radeon (X-1600) + 256-Mb RAM
  • HDD free storage capacity Of Your System:  1 to 2 GB


Crazy Taxi Game is a crazy online direct driving full of crazy taxi drivers, colorful cars, long desert roads, and crazy cars. If you prefer a taxi 2 car, drive the taxi and restore speed by hurrying in time. Quickly pour in adrenaline and switch at the right moment before cutting open passage.

Crazy Taxi Highly Compressed PC Game Download With Torrent

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