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Resident Evil Village Download For Pc is the new generation of survival and horror games in the latest style. This is the 8th main series of “Resident Evil”. Clear image courtesy of RE engine. The dead can survive if there is contact anywhere. Settle a few years after the catastrophe at Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, The new story began when Ethan Winter and his wife Mia were quietly living in a new place, Not in their old dreams. When they make their new life, BSA President Chris Redfield built their home, Ethan will have to go to hell again to get his stolen daughter back.

Furthermore, you have to use several weapons and enemy weapons that are moving incorrectly, and you have to add your weapons to the missiles. Maintaining your healing properties with flour is essential to life-threatening risks. We must prepare for the coming war.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay:

The game retains its original form in previous games and refers to the design of “Resident Evil 4” in terms of props. The number of locker rooms can be used as income from the game to increase the purchase of merchant “The Duke” (The Duke).

There are many more types of things than in previous games. In addition to ammunition and medicine, there are food, gemstones, and artifacts that can be found in the game. Immediately, the trading system is launched. Like Resident Evil 4, players can make money by selling things they collect, and then use healing ills to buy weapons, armor, weapons, and increase the protagonist’s potential (speed, safety, and blood volume) limits, and much more. . ) To cook and change guns.

Resident Evil Village Characters
Resident Evil Village Characters

In the case of combat, the defensive strategy of the previous game is still alive, and if the protagonist grid expands and the possibilities are captured, it could also be a new object that unlocks and starts some distance from the enemy.

The game comes with a “new Mode”, which is similar to previous games. The goal is to continue killing enemies with less time and fewer items at the predetermined stage to earn points, which will be unlocked according to the final finish. New categories and award challenges.


The Resident Evil Village Full Game storyline is that three years after the death of Evelyn and the Baker family, Ethan and Mia have shifted to Europe to establish their new life in raising their daughter, Rose. However, Chris Redfield and his gang broke into their home and killed Mia and stole Ethan and Rose. Ethan was exhausted and woke up next to the wrecked car. The confused Ethan walks into a nearby village attacked by a gang of predators like Lykanins. Ethan watches survivors killed by Lycans before arresting him in front of Ms. Miranda, along with police officers Alcina Dumitrescu, Dona Benevento, Salvatore Moro, and Karl Heisenberg.

Ethan escapes captivity and goes to Dimitriscu’s palace to look for his daughter, Rose. He killed Dimitriscu and his daughters with the help of a Duke businessman but found Rose’s head in a bottle. Mr. Duke explained that Ms. Miranda separated Rose into four different containers by special protocol and that Ethan could have saved Rose would have saved some of the containers found in Benevento, Morro, Heisenberg.

In Resident Evil Village Torrent Download Free Ethan knows that Chris is home for unknown reasons. Ethan enters the house of Benevento and sees the spirit of Mia and Rose, and it seems that this is an interesting story with the unique flowers of the house of Benevento. After a difficult walk home to Benevento, Ethan picked up a foot bottle. He attacks Ethan Morrow at the mill and Chris appears to be a working prisoner in the sea, but kills Ethan Morrow and grabs the right bottle.

He attacked Ethan Heisenberg at his factory, with Miranda criticizing him later. Heisenberg has a request to use Rose to kill Miranda but Ethan agrees and runs away. Ethan meets Chris and argues about Mia’s death. Chris reveals that “Mia” who killed him was Miranda for the first time, while Miranda managed to drive like Evelyn. Ethan has an urgent time manager to fight and defeat Heisenberg.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay
Resident Evil Village Gameplay

Resident Evil Village Pc Full Version

After challenging Heisenberg, Miranda arrived and killed Ethan in a fit of rage.
After Ethan’s assassination, Chris leads his Special Forces team to go to Miranda to rescue Rose, while the same BSAA team arrives to oppress Miranda. Chris goes to the cave in the basement of the village. And Megamist finds a pile of mold while Evelyn’s family is formed, giving Miranda strength. They plant a bomb at Megameset and head to the cave where they find Miranda’s exhibition grounds. Chris realized that Miranda began testing concrete more than a hundred years ago. The character Chris also noted that Miranda led Oswell Spencer, founder of Umbrella Corporation. And used his knowledge to establish a T-virus. Chris saved Mia from prison.

The salesman saves Ethan and takes him to a painful place, where Ethan kills Miranda and rescues Rose. Ethan’s body begins to collapse when his healing powers are uninjured. To tell Chris to get out of the house with Mia and Rose. Ethan shoots himself and detonates a bomb that destroys the house and house. Mia mourns Ethan’s funeral, Chris finds out that the BSAA soldiers sent home to have a pen and orders their soldiers. So they can go to BSAA Europe headquarters. In a show behind Working Family Names, Rose arrives at Ethan’s grave before being invited to work for an unknown company. When he and his assistant went missing, a man was found unattended in their car.


The game Resident Evil Village for pc is placed in a horror “village” resting in an ancient castle. This is the latest game that is the same as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) but it includes the latest changes and locations. Players control Ethan Winters, who is searching for his kidnapped girl. After his lucky meeting with Chris Redfield, he is found in a village full of mutant animals. While the Village Resident Evil series still retains the spiritual elements of life, the game uses more gameplay-like gameplay than it used to be. Resident Evil Village pc download is also a multiplayer online game.

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