Tales of Arise Download PC Full Game

Tales of Arise Download PC Full Game [Crack + Torrent]

Tales of Arise PC Full Game Download

Tales of Arise Download PC Full Game

Tales of Arise Download PC Game is a wonderful action game. In this game, you will challenge the fate that unites you. In the world of Al-Dahna, fear is always good and stands with Rina in heaven as the land of the righteous. The stories told throughout the ages will be true and will spread among the people of Dahna. For 300 years, the noble Rina ruled, plundering the world’s wealth to usurp power and control the people.

Our conversation begins with two foreign-born men, who want to change their place of residence and create a new future. New players, modified battles, the latest game stories, the next world title, the best-known stories, and new experiences.


Like its previous games series, Tales of Arise is an action-role-playing playable game. Although its gameplay has no known changes as part of its development as it maintains Tales’ main battlefield, the Linear Motion Battle System. The Tales of Arise Torrent download full game focuses more on avoiding and driving, inspired by 2009’s Tales of Graces, celebrating the fight. Unlike previous appearances, the game does not have a large number of players as the development teams consider various relationships between heroes, including the addition of “Boost Strike” so that members of multiple groups can destroy themselves under certain conditions.

Tales of Arise Download PC Game Torrent


The Tales of Arise Crack game downloads free protagonist SkateBIRD – the bird of prey, the owner who wastes time on unpaid work; worst of all, he does not live at home with a loved one. The agent decides to leave everything to her and start retiring on her own. By developing your skills, the strength of our bird movement will increase, as a result of the aggressive world of birds, they begin to look more like their peers.

Game Mechanics:

In it, you will see the action in the form of a third-person perspective system. Recreation is carried out in large groups, in unusual gardens. Unusually, due to the small number of competing birds, they perch on skateboards in places such as bedrooms or offices. There are ups and downs in every area that we can reverse or wait for when they “crush”. Our results are constantly tested by the scoring system, and to get the best results we need to incorporate other habits into the longer scoring process.

We also meet other birds and do other activities while playing. Its creation is important because in this way we open access to the new skate park. We have to realize that we don’t have to complete all the missions on the map to be successful.

The rules are different, and among them, we can find anyone who counts on finding some points. For example, those who have to find what has been lost. It is also important to look around every corner of the ski area, in this way, we can open the lair or find hidden items such as player skis or bars with new music.

What’s New?

  • Its new update comes with the story of 300 years of dictatorship and a creepy mask.
  • You will now unleash the factual power of the Blazing Sword.
Tales of Arise Game System Requirements
  • CPU: Processor Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD Ryzen 3 (1200)
  • Graphics: At least GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon HD (7950)
  • RAM: 8GB Required
  • Storage: 45GB

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